Alp Altıntürk

Maestro in computer engineering with a love of knowledge -"φιλοσοφία".



I can be considered as a dormant writer, although there are lots of topics to cover: professional or personal, explanatory or inquisitive; and even though I write with pen and paper, it was necessary to cluster the ideas and include only a few subjects here.
Therefore the blog is mostly about information technologies. Have a look!
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Following the strong discipline of "Design, Architecture, Engineering" of Politecnico di Milano, and adapting those to Software world, I have a strong arm on problems. Software -solution- development has become my natural skill; the number of languages I can develop software in is more than the languages I can fluently speak. I wrote simple mobile applications as a hobby, also worked on Arduino and Pi projects that could be used for everyday life. Add the business skills on top,
there are unlimited possibilities to win.

Core technical knowledge in the field

Teamwork to build and lead the future

Smart solutions for business growth


For business inquiries, to have a small chat, to ask a question or get to know me better; follow me on twitter. I also use tons of other social media channels, feel free approach me from any of them.
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